Rail Trackbed Improvement

Rail Trackbed Improvement

Ground Reinforcement: Using geosynthetic materials such as geogrids or geofabrics to enhance the bearing capacity of the trackbed. These materials can disperse and transmit loads, effectively reducing ground settlement and deformation.

Slope Protection: Using geosynthetic materials, such as geotextiles or geogrids, on trackbed slopes or cut slopes to protect the soil from erosion and slope instability caused by water flow.

Subgrade Waterproofing: Applying geomembranes as subgrade waterproofing to prevent water infiltration, ensuring the stability and drainage performance of the trackbed.

Embankment Reinforcement: Using geogrids or geotextiles to reinforce the trackbed and support the soil, preventing embankment settlement and instability.

Fill Support: Using geosynthetic materials to fill voids beneath the trackbed, enhancing the stability and compaction of the fill material.

Circular Reinforcement: Under certain conditions, applying geosynthetic materials to form circular reinforcement zones on the trackbed surface to increase its strength and stability.

Railway Ballast Protection: Using geosynthetic materials on the sides of railway ballast to stabilize and protect ballast slopes, preventing slope failure and instability.