Fish Farming Ponds: Constructing large fish farming ponds for raising various species of fish, such as tilapia, salmon, catfish, or shrimp.

Shellfish Farms: Establishing oyster or mussel farms using suitable infrastructure like floating cages or racks in coastal areas.

Offshore Cage Farms: Creating net-cage systems in open water to cultivate fish like salmon or tuna.

Aquaponics Systems: Constructing closed-loop systems that integrate fish farming with hydroponic plant cultivation, where fish waste is used as fertilizer for the plants.

Seaweed Farms: Establishing seaweed cultivation areas, typically on ropes or lines, to grow different types of seaweed for various applications like food, biofuels, or bioplastics.

Hatcheries: Building facilities for the production of fish or shrimp larvae, which are then transferred to grow-out farms for further development.