Foundation & Embankment Support

Foundation & Embankment Support

Building Foundations: Constructing foundations for various structures, such as buildings, bridges, and towers. This can involve deep foundations, such as piles or caissons, or shallow foundations, like spread footings or mat foundations.

Retaining Walls: Building retaining walls to support soil and prevent slope failure. These walls are often used in road construction, landscaping, and building projects on uneven terrain.

Bridge Piers and Abutments: Constructing piers and abutments to support bridges and distribute the load from the bridge deck to the ground or water below.

Ground Improvement: Implementing various techniques to improve the load-bearing capacity of the soil, such as soil stabilization, compaction, or grouting.

Sheet Piling and Cofferdams: Installing sheet piles or constructing cofferdams to provide temporary or permanent support for excavations, foundations, or underwater structures.

Deep Excavation Support: Implementing shoring systems like soldier piles, lagging, or soil nailing to support deep excavations for basements or underground construction.