Open-Pit Mine Development: Constructing open-pit mines involves creating large excavations in the ground to extract minerals like coal, copper, gold, iron, or diamonds. This process includes the construction of access roads, benches, and haulage ramps for efficient mining operations.

Underground Mine Development: Building underground mines involves creating tunnels, shafts, and ventilation systems to access and extract mineral deposits safely. This construction also includes installing support structures like rock bolts and concrete lining to prevent collapses.

Tailings Storage Facilities: Designing and constructing storage facilities to store waste materials (tailings) from the mining process in an environmentally responsible manner.

Mine Processing Plants: Establishing facilities for processing mined materials to extract valuable minerals, metals, or ores. This includes constructing crushing, grinding, and mineral separation plants.

Heap Leach Pads: Building large pads to stack mined ore for leaching processes, where chemicals are used to extract valuable metals like gold and copper.