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1, how to detect composite geomembrane hydrostatic pressure performance1. The resistance of composite geomembrane principle of hydrostatic pressure head on both sides of composite geomembrane after reaching a certain value, composite geomembrane will break. Step by step increase sample on hydraulic pressure to raise and maintain a certain period of time, when a sharp increase in seepage flow said sample is damaged, has obtained the hydrostatic pressure resistance value of the sample.2. Maintain composite geomembrane the pressure for at least 2 h, changes observed seepage water level tube, composite geomembrane level basically stable seepage flow (0), with 0.1 0.2 mpa, to increase pressure differential step by step, keep 2 h for each level, until a seepage flow rapidly increasing phenomenon, show that sample has been broken, the level of pressure is as resistant to hydrostatic pressure (mp).3. Composite geomembrane, such as only need to determine whether the geomembrane samples reached a certain regulation hydrostatic pressure resistance value, can direct pressure to the pressure and keep 2 h, decide again is required.4. Compound geomembrane every sample of three sample, at least to a minimum as the hydrostatic pressure resistance of the sample.

 2, how to detect quantity geogrid and test methods
On the finished product length of at least 1 meter of geogrid, radial cutting 3, zonal cutting 3, then, take the average.
What are the geogrid testing project
1) flat field: laying 50 cm thick sandstone in the earth's surface (eggs) gravel or sand gravel cushion, and compaction, both to improve friction resistance between soil and grille, and is advantageous to the foundation drainage consolidation.
2) according to the design of the formulation of the position, along the embankment to the laying of grille, laying geogrid, connection between geogrid and straight smooth should be paid attention to. Grille of longitudinal and transverse joint can use nylon or polyester thread stitched or u-shaped nail connection methods make together as whole, between the grille grille lap width not less than 20 cm, each other between the strength of the joint shall be not less than in the stress direction tensile strength material design. Grid distortion, buckling, overlapping, is not conducive to its function, so the application in laying hands straight, uniform grating smooth, paved every 1.5-2.0 m with geogrid hook nail fixed on the floor.
3) fill: after on the grille, should be timely filling packing (48 hours). Each layer of filling should be according to the principle of "first on both sides, after the middle" symmetry, it is strictly prohibited to fill embankment in central. Packing is not allowed to directly discharge on the geogrid, must be unloaded at have finished paving surface of soil, soil height is not more than 1 m. All vehicles, construction machinery may not directly on the paved grille, allow only along the axis direction of embankment.
4) upper and lower side and from the grating layer geogrid packing within 8 cm diameter shall not be greater than 6 cm.

3, geomembrane breakage how to repairThe defects of the geomembrane and stitching must be clearly marked on the geotextile, and make a repair. Required by geomembrane laying and thermal connection to repair the wear of geotextile dice, geotextile small pieces than edge defects in all directions at least 200 mm long. Thermal connection must strictly control to ensure that the geotextile combined closely with the patch and geotextile, and no damage to geotextile.Laid before the end of every day, the day all of the surface of the geotextile laid visual analysis to determine all the damage has been ticked and immediately repair, laying of surface damage can not determine the foreign substances, such as needle, small nails, etc. If in the bottom of the landfill, geotextile fissure by more than 10% of the coil width, should be the damaged part resection, and then connect the two geotextile; If, on the surface of the slope cracks by more than 10% of the coil width, must remove the roll of geotextile out, replace with a new volume. Construction personnel wear work shoes and geotextile construction tools should not be used in injury, construction personnel shall not do may hurt on has been laying geotextile geotextile, such as smoke or poke geotextile with sharp tools. Geomembrane construction is simple, convenient extension or connected to the panel.Each node brace number than the flexible brace reduce half to two thirds, don't need to need to do like brace rigidity welding, bolting, rivet head and anticorrosive processing, save work laid, overlap, cross, crimp elasticity and easy to large-scale mechanization construction work. In addition, prefabricated construction method can save labor, shorten the construction period, so as to reduce the cost of the whole reinforcement engineering, gangsu composite brace with compared with flexible brace can cut down the cost of 10-15% of the brace, compared with the rigid brace can save 40-60% of the brace. Geomembrane is to choose a special micro crossing high zinc wire, wrapped in anti-aging and alkali polyethylene resin composite, is rigid and flexible materials and comprehensive products, the main stress components for steel wire, creep variable is small. Not only increased the tensile strength and puncture resistance of plastic film, and because the non-woven fabric surface is rough, increasing the contact surface friction coefficient, is advantageous to the composite geomembrane, and the stability of the protective layer.At the same time, they have a good effect on bacteria and chemical erosion resistance, not afraid of acid, alkali, salt erosion. In the service life of composite geomembrane, mainly by whether the plastic film are losing impervious waterproof function, according to the Soviet union the national standard, hydraulic with thickness of 0.2 m plus stabilizer polyethylene film, under the condition of the water can reach 40 ~ 50 years working life, under the condition of sewage working fixed number of year is 30 ~ 40 years.

4, the choose and buy high quality of geotextile tipsChoose the technique of geotextile analysis! Geotextile now application is very extensive, causes the geotextile industry market competition is very fierce. Faced with such fierce market environment, as consumers we how to choose better geotextile? We can only through the geotextile prices to judge the quality of good or bad? Here are details of the methods of choose and buy high quality nonwoven fabric for you, hope can help you:1, see the defect. Knitted polyester fabric appearance defect is more, serious defects will affect the effect of wearing. Such as needle hole leakage, short of wire, wire hook, beheaded, wire tension and serious skew, etc. Lighter defects, such as color, edge, the bad side, silk, knot knot, color silk flowers, reflective, oil evanescent hues, thickness, etc. Had mild defect cloth while wearing, but affect the level of the fabric.2, see the appearance. The fabric is closely related to the fabric appearance. So, when choosing knitwear, carefully observe how the fabric luster, color, pattern, when use both hands to pull the fabric depends on how its longitudinal or transverse flexibility and extensibility, whether or not easy to distort; Organization is the basic organization or change, the space between the coil and is lax or close, feel is soft or hard, and so on, in short, to observe the fabric meets the basic requirements are clothing styles, fabric appearance is consistent with the clothing styles coordinate effect.3, see grade. According to its quality fit and unfit quality knitted polyester fabrics are divided into first-rate product, second-class article, thirds and cull. From all the perspective of the fabric, the choose and buy grade a level of knitted polyester fabrics quality natural is better than other products. (choose the technique of geotextile analysis) remind: in short in the choice of geotextile, the defect on the fabric the less the better! Don't according to the product price to judge the quality of good or bad, because it is taken out of context.


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